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Fadel’s has fantastic customer service. When my husband and I talked about ring shopping, we went to a few big shops in the mall and they didn’t have anything similar to what we were looking for. When we found Fadel’s, we looked through lots of their unique styles, then were able to talk through step by step what would be the perfect ring. It was their goal to get us exactly what we were imagining for a reasonable price. We could tell they were honest and genuine in their work and care. It was drawn up, we picked a diamond and felt so happy the whole time. Later we saw a computerized rendition of it before confirming it. We came back to design and purchase my husbands ring and was again so satisfied with their work. We will always recommend Fadel’s as the best.
— Hannah W.
We love Fadel’s Fine Jewelry! Their selection beats all of the other stores that we looked at. My wife frequently gets compliments on her ring when we’re out and we always tell people to go to Fadel’s! They have the best selection and service that we could find. We walked away feeling like they took great care of us, and that’s why we keep going back.
— Matt H.
Fantastic service! I was referred by a friend, and could not be happier!
— Jamison B.
Because I knew I wanted something very special in a ring, I spent hours, days and weeks online looking at jewelry stores throughout the greater part of Salt Lake. I had searched stores from South Towne Mall to Ogden going through each and every ring (and I mean each and every jewelry store if they sold jewelry I had looked them up). I knew I would know my ring when I saw it. When I had been told to look local, I love small businesses but I never dreamt I would find my dream ring local. At the suggestion of my mother in law I looked up Fadel’s. Once I started to look at their rings I knew they were something special. They were unlike anything I had seen on any other site... and then I found it, MY RING! The one! It was perfect. I was so excited to go in and purchase! I was greeted by Mr. Fadel himself and his staff. They walked me through the types of diamonds the quantity anything and everything I needed to know, educating me so I could make a decision I would forever be happy with. Never did I feel any sort of pressure. They asked what my goal budget was and made sure I was comfortable with the final total and the diamond selected. My ring had to be special ordered in as I requested an adjustment and the ring just arrived and I have to say, it’s even more beautiful than the picture that I ordered it from! When looking for the perfect jewelry I will forever look local and forever look first to Fadel’s. They have a new customer who will always recommend them.
— Ann E.
To the awesome owner and staff at Fadel’s Fine Jewelry: There are no words to express my gratitude for your generosity as we resized and engraved a Marine Corp ring for my husband, who is battling cancer. Such acts of kindness are what keeps us going, and the ring turned out so nicely. I am happy to say after visiting you (just after receiving a two-week prognosis) my husband is still going strong (six weeks later!), and he is still wearing his Marine Corp ring with pride.

Needless to say, if hear that any of my friends or family ever need a jeweler, I will direct them straight you. Thanks again.
— Colleen C.
Great services and very knowledgeable. The owner definitely has a passion for jewelry.
— Gage H.
I love my engagement ring!! This was the only place we found that had a good selection of 14 kt yellow gold rings! Dave is an incredible person. I was driving from Provo to pick up my ring I called him to let him know I was running late and he waited for me after 6 pm.
— Camila O.
Fadel’s is the greatest. I’ve been to dozens of other jewelry stores and didn’t like how the employees are all salesman. At Fadel’s the owner is an artist and a jeweler first and foremost, not just a salesman showing you other jewelers artwork.
I loved how he made me feel like his primary focus was making sure the custom wedding ring I requested was just right. He was honest and gave me a truthful opinion about alterations I was considering.
I had checked several other places before going to Fadel’s and his prices were reasonable.
I now consider Fadel’s my jeweler. I would definitely recommend Fadel’s to friends and family, especially for any custom jewelry or repair work.
— Jared H.
I was recommended by my future sister-in-law to Fadel’s (since that is where she got hers), after searching about five different jewelers before, I found my ring at Fadel’s! I am absolutely in love with it, and I get complimented on it daily!
— Katie N.
They did a beautiful job on resetting my ring. Love my new wedding ring and love Fadel’s jewelry go here and no where else!
— Jenny C.
Best quality! Best service! We keep coming back! Highly recommend!
— Ashlee S.
Got my husband his ring at Fadel’s... It couldn’t be more perfect. Excellent service! Such a great place to do business!
— Jessica M.
I used to be really stuck on Tiffanys jewelry. I felt like the quality, the selection and the beauty of a Tiffany piece was unmatched. Fadels has happily changed that mind set! It only took one visit to see Dave Fadel and I was hooked!! Not only was the jewelry he offered beautiful but Dave and his staff were warm, inviting and friendly! I’m so glad I found Fadel’s!!
— Kim P.
Great selection! Absolutely love the staff they are very friendly and great jewelry advice!
— Quort S.
I love coming to Fadel’s. I bring all my jewelry here. I have it sized, cleaned and repair work done, never any problem. Have supported them for years.
— Kathy S.
I purchased my wife’s wedding ring from Fadel’s 6 years ago. The ring is still in great condition—high quality product for sure. Dave was honest and transparent with us. He gave me a great price, which was beyond appreciated. They are first-class. I would feel comfortable recommending Fadel’s to anyone. When I add to my wife’s ring for our 10-year it will be at Fadel’s for sure!
— Danny T.
Fadel’s cares for my jewelry in a fantastic manner.... gives a thorough inspection... I will be having a ring re-designed in the near future and they are my first choice in jewelers.
— Jana C.
Dave Fadel is the jeweler I trust with my existing jewelry and the one I trust to help me pick out something beautiful and new. I am a customer for life! You will be too!
— Shauna B.
After almost 35 years it was necessary to purchase a new wedding ring (mine went missing). Fadel’s is the best! Please, please don’t go anywhere else! Thanks Dave!
— Brent H.
Fadel’s is a great place for your jewelry needs. They were very accommodating to my fiancé and I when looking for a ring. They did a great job working with us. I will recommend them to anyone looking for jewelry. Thanks for a great experience!
— Taylor F.
They are the BEST!!!!! I get tons of compliments on my ring and I always make sure to tell them where it came from!
— Sadie P.
Wow! Thank you Dave! Our wedding rings are 19 years old and you made them look brand new. Thank you for the amazing customer service!
— Jenny W.
2 wedding rings and one custom-designed necklace have us very pleased with Fadel’s. We will only buy from them in the future. We trust them to give the best value every time we have a need or desire.
— Duane T.
Amazing service at this classic jewelry store in Bountiful! If you need custom work or are looking for that ‘special something’ for someone special... This is the place!!!
— Patricia T.